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A-ROSA plans to resume cruising in june

Countries across Europe are currently outlining their plans to reopen for tourism

Steel construction of A-ROSA’s new E-Motion Ship is completed

The steel construction of A-ROSA’s new E-Motion ship was completed at the Romanian Severnav shipyard


A-ROSA River Cruises has added a selection of new products for 2022.

A-ROSA River Cruises donates food to charity

A-ROSA River Cruises has donated all the unused perishable goods from its Rhine ships to a charity in Cologne, following the suspension of its cruises…

New A-ROSA short cruises on the Moselle

A-ROSA River Cruises launches 4-Night Mosel Trips for the first time

A-ROSA attracts ocean cruisers

River cruises gain in popularity

A-ROSA temporarily suspends cruises on the Rhine

After the Danube, Rhône and Seine, the Rhine is now also affected

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